Smaller Lakes

The province has a widely varying landscape, including a number of small and attractive lakes in various parts of the valleys, with panoramic roads well worth a visit.

Delio Lake
At an elevation of 930 m, its surface area is 4.85 km². It serves as the upper reservoir for the pumped-storage Roncovalgrande Hydroelectric Plant. The lake has glacial origin, but with the human intervention (construction of two tailings dams), its original appearance has been changed. It's almost equidistant from Maccagno and the Italian-Swiss border. It can be reached from Maccagno along the provincial road n. 5.

Lake Brinzio
A small lake, amongst the green meadows of Campo dei Fiori, like a jewel in its setting. Lake Brinzio is located in an area near the like-named municipality. It is a small and very attractive lake, above all in winter when it freezes over completely and is often cloaked by a blanket of snow. It is supplied for the largest part by the river Intrino. The surrounding vegetation is typical of small mountain lakes at an intermediate height: reed beds, aquatic plants and sedge marshes, with woodland dominated by Alnus glutinosa, better known as the black alder. Lake Brinzio provides opportunities for sport fishing. A fishing licence is required, with receipts for the respective payments, and in addition anglers have to join the local "Associazione Pescatori dilettanti" (Sports fishing club) whose office is in Via Sasselli, Brinzio; on enrolling, the member is given a card permitting fishing on the lake according to current regulations.

Lake Ganna
A small lake with considerable value in terms of nature. Lake Ganna is owned by the Province of Varese. Fishing is forbidden here, because the lake is a nature reserve. It is in fact situated in a beautiful forested area, at about 400 metres height, and the natural environment is particularly interesting for the presence of small animals and plants that developed during the ice age and that today are rare species, conserved by virtue of the valley's specific environmental conditions. A highly recommended excursion in this area is a walk up to Mount Poncione di Ganna. The path starts from the village named Mondonico, and it provides beautiful views over Lake Ganna, the nearby Lake Ghirla, and the whole valley.

Lake Ghirla
This small lake is in the northern part of Valganna. Its principal inflow is the river Margorabbia, which includes the outflow from Lake Ganna. This is one of the most picturesque lakes in the area, with a bathing resort, a campsite popular at weekends and during holidays, and stables for horseback excursions. It is beautiful particularly at sunset, with reflections in its crystal-clear water, and mountains rising almost vertically from its western side.

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