in your relaxing Paradise!

The holiday home in the park, by the wild or the gentle water. A few traces from old times, we'd love to know more about it while sitting in this modern-style comfort enjoying the old nature. We want you to stay in a natural ambience with all the comfort. In respect of a lush nature, we installed a photovoltaic system.

Surrounded by mountain torrents. Clear water moving over rocks and pebbles. Flowering trees and shrubs color the seasons. Palms pointing towards the south. Glowing rhododendrons, bright azaleas, a sea of blue hydrangeas just in front of us.

The comfort of our apartments

“GELSOMINO”: the large luxury apartment with all-round view
“MUGHETTO”: the "country house flat" by the creek represents our tradition style
“VIOLA” and “ROSA”: towering above the park with its terrace. Vis à vis the peak of Monte Lema
“ORTENSIA”: the little Villa in the lush park

The Residence

The PARCO STUDER, a park of 25'000 m², is located in an idyllic clearing in Dumenza, just 7 minutes from Luino. Along the southern and western boundary, there are, depending on the season, two murmuring or rolling mountain torrents, that unite to the west of the main house and that will flow into Lago Maggiore.

Four differently designed modern apartments in the main house, for 4 to 6 (possibly 8) guests each, offering all the comfort in a very special ambience. Independent from the main building, it is “Ortensia” a little villa suitable for up to 4 persons. Each apartment has a private entrance and a very large terrace with stunning views of the park and the wooded mountain sides or the creek, which is lined by deciduous and conifer trees. The park provides a large swimming pool, a sauna, two large trampolines, swings and large playing surfaces for summer leisure activities or to explore and relax in cozy places. All this and even more well-being can be provided.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our website and look forward to your visit in our paradise!

Your “Parco Studer” Team

Arrival date
Departure date
72nd Festival del film Locarno
From 07.08.2019 to 17.08.2019

Locarno Film Festival is the most significant cinematographic...
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4. Street Food Festival Bellinzona
From 23.08.2019 to 25.08.2019 - Piazza del sole Bellinzona

Free entry!

Sublime. Giovanni Segantini: Light and landscape
From 25.08.2019 to 10.11.2019 - Lugano

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